From the recording Threnody

Text & Vocals: Cornelius Eady

Sound Design, Arrangement, Roland Juno 60 Synth: Jenny Olivia Johnson

Electric Guitars: Lisa Liu & Charlie Rauh
VOX 1: "I've written so many of these, too many" (Cornelius Eady)

VOX 2: “Everyday
Something has tried to kill me” (Lucille Clifton)

VOX 3: “He toppled, and the blood rushed out” (Sterling A. Brown)

VOX 4: “See the way
Dey lock up good
Desperate t’ keep
All the me’s out” (Anand Prahlad)

VOX 5: “The old man guns the motor to say
I’m moving too slow” (Gary Lilley)

VOX 6: “You bothered me for nothing” (Ahmaud Arbery)

VOX 7: “There’s a black male running down the street.” (News Report)

VOX 8: “Under Georgia law this is perfectly legal.” (News Report)